Sunday 25th June 2017

Col travels extensively speaking throughout much of the world, including Joseph Prince at New Creation Church in Singapore as well as for Brian Houston at Hillsong, Kenneth Hagin at Rhema USA, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Savelle and Happy Caldwell.


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Healing Testimonial – Michelle Brooks

Rhema Healing Testimonial

Michelle Brooks was given the death sentence by her doctor … not once … not twice … but three times!

Listening to Michelle’s touching story as she shares her journey with God through faith and prayer to overcome cancer:

Speak to Your Mountain, Not About It

There is a difference between speaking to your mountain and speaking about your mountain.

Pic of Kenneth W Hagin

Pastor Kenneth W Hagin

Speaking about your mountain will magnify the problem in your mind. The problem will begin to look bigger and bigger in your sight. But speaking to your mountain keeps things in proper perspective.

When you put God’s Word in your mouth, magnifying the Answer above all else, speaking to the mountain will cause it to move (Mark 11:23–24)!

This week:

  1. Take a day and keep track of how many times you speak about the problem you’re facing.
  2. Go to God’s Word—the Bible—and find out what it says about the problem.
  3. Begin to replace your words about the situation with God’s Word on the matter.

Each time you begin to speak about the problem, remind yourself to speak to it, telling it to change and conform to what the Word says!

– by Kenneth W Hagin