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Testimony from Liz Simpson for Rhema Doncaster

Liz Simpson photo

Liz Simpson, graduating at Faith Bible Training Centre, Rhema Family Church

Rhema Doncaster has opened its doors …

and each week more and more are attending what is a life-changing experience!!!!!

Ps. John and Ps. Eileen have more than twenty years experience in ministry. And also, owning their own coffee/cafe business, they know the demands of working, and are so grounded and approachable; as they spend their week meeting people of all faiths and backgrounds and situations and they treat everyone just the same – showing lots of T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) …

… this is so new, fresh, and so Anointed!

It is an environment where your non-Christian friends would feel most welcome!

If you are new to Melbourne, need some help, [Read more…]

The Lord of Your Breakthrough