Healing Testimonial – Michelle Brooks

Rhema Healing Testimonial

Michelle Brooks was given the death sentence by her doctor … not once … not twice … but three times!

Listening to Michelle’s touching story as she shares her journey with God through faith and prayer to overcome cancer:

Testimony from Liz Simpson for Rhema Doncaster

Liz Simpson photo

Liz Simpson, graduating at Faith Bible Training Centre, Rhema Family Church

Rhema Doncaster has opened its doors …

and each week more and more are attending what is a life-changing experience!!!!!

Ps. John and Ps. Eileen have more than twenty years experience in ministry. And also, owning their own coffee/cafe business, they know the demands of working, and are so grounded and approachable; as they spend their week meeting people of all faiths and backgrounds and situations and they treat everyone just the same – showing lots of T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) …

… this is so new, fresh, and so Anointed!

It is an environment where your non-Christian friends would feel most welcome!

If you are new to Melbourne, need some help, [Read more…]

The Holy Spirit Surged Through Me Like Electricity

At the Rhema midweek meeting Cathy came and as we were praying for different ones, Pastor John & I felt led to pray for Cathy.  This is what she shared:

“As I was prayed for I hit the floor, I felt like spurts of electricity we’re going through me.” – Cathy Gleeson

My Back Was Healed

“As I listened to Eileen & John and knew the realities of the stories they shared, I really began to think on my own life.  As the meeting finished and we stood around talking I realised how much better my back was.  It’s time for me now to claim ALL Gods promises.

– Pat Leamey

Home Again!

Back Home Again

“When I heard that the mid week meeting were starting I got very excited.  The excitement continued as the time got near, as I walked in and the meeting started, I sighed and knew I have come home again.

As the meeting progressed the presence of God was so tangible … and its been at every meeting since.

There’s a freedom in these meetings.  The word that has been brought forward is liberating, fresh and most of the time it’s alive to me.

I confess that the joy of The Lord is my strength, and there’s been a new strength, a joy that is a fresh and new.”

– Rosetta Verduci