Autistic Boy Christopher Duffley Sings “Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord”

Blind Christopher Duffley sings a touching rendition of “Open The Eyes Of My Heart Lord”

Christopher Duffley is an amazing kid with an AMAZING God! Born premature, blind, and autistic, Christopher was adopted by his parents before they realized God has gifted this young fellow with the gift of music!

This recording is from the 2011 “New Hampshire Night of Worship” celebration where over 1,300 followers of Christ gathered to sing praises to Jesus Christ!

What an amazing blessing and incredible gift … praise God.  Watch the video below:

Testimony from Liz Simpson for Rhema Doncaster

Liz Simpson photo

Liz Simpson, graduating at Faith Bible Training Centre, Rhema Family Church

Rhema Doncaster has opened its doors …

and each week more and more are attending what is a life-changing experience!!!!!

Ps. John and Ps. Eileen have more than twenty years experience in ministry. And also, owning their own coffee/cafe business, they know the demands of working, and are so grounded and approachable; as they spend their week meeting people of all faiths and backgrounds and situations and they treat everyone just the same – showing lots of T.L.C. (Tender Loving Care) …

… this is so new, fresh, and so Anointed!

It is an environment where your non-Christian friends would feel most welcome!

If you are new to Melbourne, need some help, [Read more…]

The Lord of Your Breakthrough

Connect, Grow, Serve

Connect together, Grow together, Serve together

For The Purpose …

1 John 3:8  “For this purpose …”

You were the purpose, the target, nothing could put Jesus off His purpose … Intended result …

Not people leaving Him

Not persecution

What was His purpose???

To destroy, loosen, undo, and dissolve the works of the devil.

Jesus attracted others to help Him fulfill His purpose.

By spending time with the disciples & imparting vision (that became sight) into them. His purpose became their purpose and they went and attracted others to the purpose …

Today God wants to use you to go forth and impart vision into people’s lives. That Jesus came to set them free.