Love … Your Way To Victory

God’s love is a gift …

Love The Way To Victory book… and it has to be developed before it will help us deal with the pressures of our every day life.

We were made for love.  It’s an unconditional love that is within the very core of our being, we were not made to hate or fear, or to pull one another down … We were made for a life of love.

To focus on God’s love and ask ourselves a question each time we face some situation in our life: “What would love do in this place ???”

Walking in love releases in us the peace if God, and from us the joy of The Lord.

This love the bible says never fails to produce!!!!

Brother Kenneth E Hagin wrote a book ‘Love: The Way To Victory.’  I like to read it, and re-read it so it ministers to my heart especially when love is being challenged.  Thank God for His Word.

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Eileen Brown

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