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A New Rhema Family Church in Melbourne

Welcome to our new website and new church!  We planted and then pastored Word Family Church in Ringwood for over 23 years.  We are graduates of Kenneth Hagin’s Faith Bible Training Center and Rhema Churches.  During our 23 years in ministry we planted churches in Myanmar plus Faith Bible Training Centres in Ringwood, Myanmar and New Zealand.

In September 2011 we felt it was time to hand the Ringwood Rhema church over to a new pastor and for a new season … and it was time for a break from ministry.  We didn’t know how long this break would be or even if we would be called back in to full time ministry.

In 2013 God laid it on our hearts to plant a new Rhema Family Church in Doncaster, Melbourne.  It is time … and we launch the new Rhema Family Church on Sunday October 6, 2013.  We would love you to join us for our first Sunday celebration and launch.

We look forward to seeing you there.

John and Eileen Brown

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I was a member of Word Family Church Ringwood which became Rhema Family Church Ringwood......it was a pleasure to join Ps. John and Ps. Eileen as they stepped out in faith and planted a new Church in Doncaster.  I can honestly say we have a wonderful Church family, where new people are welcome to attend or visit, where we care about each other and bless and help each other.  The most important thing for me is to know I am rooted and planted in the Church God has called me to be in.  I love my Church family.  I love my Pastors.....and my Church.  We are a Church that loves God, loves His Word, loves the Holy Spirit and allows Him to flow in each and every service.  I am so blessed to belong to a Church family where when there is a need, there is a supply.  A supply of the Spirit, a supply of love, prayer, and even food, money and a fridge when things were hard. Liz Simpson


I was a member of Rhema Family Church Ringwood for many wonderful years. I was sad when I heard that you both had handed over the leadership to another pastor. But I know that you always seek the Lords guidance in everything you do so it must have been the right choice. I was so glad to see that God has called you to embark on a new and fruitful journey in Doncaster. You are both doing what you were born to do. Much love and blessing from Nanjing, China.