Seeds To Grow By

“As a man thinks in his heart so is he” … Proverbs 23:7

Success SignI was just sitting down reading and was really encouraged by what I read so I thought I would just drop some seeds for us all to allow to go into our hearts and grow by …

We need to believe we can succeed,

Any one who wants to succeed can do so…..

Success can take many forms in our life; it may be rebuilding after an accident, it could be recovery after a sickness, it maybe pursuing a new career start, at an older age! Of course not talking about me!!!!! I like to start new challenges and believe me there are challenges when you step out, but what’s the point of holding back … and saying much later in life I should have done that, at least I should have given it a shot.

You have to believe you can succeed!

What is success?

Success for me was building my self image.  It was to stand up and minister when every thing in me was saying you can’t, people will laugh at you.

I couldn’t even pronounce some words from the bible when I started ministering because of fear in my life. I left school at an early age I couldn’t spell. I didn’t know the meaning of some words so when I ministered I would use a dictionary to get the meaning of words … but now when I minister I’m not consumed with me, I am looking at what I can bring by the Holy Spirit that will bless people and get them free.

So for me there is one great success … thank you Lord.

To others success can be:

  • building a buisness
  • seeing their family as one fellowshipping together
  • to a person facing sickness it can be , their body recovering

I believe to succeed we must see what ever we gain being used to encourage and lift people up and finding needs and filling that need.

S – select your goal today

U – unlock your negative thinking

C – chart your course

C – commit yourself

E – expect you will face things along the way

S – sacrifice yourself success involves sacrifice

S – stick with it

Believe that you can and you will.

God wants to use you to do something in the world around you. God created you, He wants to use you!  There are all kinds of possibilities you can be used in starting right now.  It’s like climbing a mountain you take one step at a time.

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