Prayer … It Is Essential

Every major move of God in the past, started with prayer.

girl prayingIn the past when people stopped praying and became apathetic, the power and presence of God waned in church services …

… It’s time to rise again!

Isaiah 60:1 “Arise from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you … rise to a new life!!!”

“Shine be radiant with the glory of The Lord,  for your light has come , and the glory of The Lord had risen upon you.” – Amplified Bible

Message Bible says, “put your face in the sunlight.” … I love that

Take your place in prayer …

  • For our families
  • For our church & the services
  • For our pastors ,

Thank you Father, every time our church door are open, the power of God is there.  Touch our families … that their hearts will be turned to You, turned away from all the distractions.  Be glorified Father, That the light in us touches people today we come in contact with.

Show them Your Glory!


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